A new post!?

2008-10-11 13:59:49 by Son-Finale

Wow its been a while since I updated this.
How is everyone doing?

I do have some news about my various projects. My ArkAngel manga is coming along really well. I'd actually love to look into putting it on here as a flashcomic, if theres a decent demand to see it that is. ;)

Animation wise there is a little something in the works. Below is a little teaser for you all to ponder!

Thanks for reading and I'll update soon!

Paul (Son-Finale)

A new post!?

An update featuring some major news!

2008-04-27 06:18:08 by Son-Finale

Hello everyone!

It's been such a long time since I updated and I know you must be wondering where the in the doonhack ArkAngel is.

Well At this time the ArkAngel Digital Graphic Novel has been cancelled in favour of running ArkAngel as a proper manga.
Hopefully you'll look out for the Graphic Novels in the not too distant future! :)

I was thinking of putting the manga on here in chapters. I wonder though as it would probably be poorly received. I think that I just shouldn't bother.

The last update Flash wise was a Dragonball SJ music video that I did enjoy putting together so thanks to everyone who watched it and voted/commented. I appreciate it! :D

I spoke about a horror I was working on some time ago its title is Romeo's Rose and the basic plot of that has been completed but once again its been shelved as something to go back to at a later date.

I don't actually see anything being released from me any time soon. Although I was thinking of re-mastering SJ as a side project, tweaking things, adding voices and cleaning up the general presentation of it.

I am also thinking of making short stories based on ArkAngel in animated format to expand the universe. Maybe somewhere down the road you'll see a project like that emerge on Newgrounds. I would also like to do collaborations and encourage people to make fan works and who knows maybe the best of the bunch will be considered canon in the main timeline. :)

Well I'm finished with my random musings for today. I know there's not much happening right now but I'm on the brink of some exciting times!
Lets wait and see!

Later and take care!

News, news and (almost) more news!

2008-01-03 10:22:55 by Son-Finale

Hey all!
How's your New year going?

More news on ArkAngel. The first episode will probably be out during the middle of this month. Just waiting on some minor post production issues to resolve themselves...Sorry about this delay. I suppose I just set a too difficult deadline to reach given some circumstances that have effected my real life.

I'm personally very pleased with the way this re-imagining of the ArkAngel series is turning out.

Series wise we have been writing more and more episodes as time has gone on.

I think we are close to 25 episodes now in script format! A milestone, I would estimate the project will last around 30 episodes though with each episode clocking in at an average of 15 to 20minutes each, maybe longer for some.

Once again sorry for this unforeseen and extended delay to ArkAngel's release.
I assure you It is coming...


Other news

Regarding the other project I spoke of in an earlier post, I can now announce a little more information. As stated earlier the project will be in DGN format and it will be a psychological Horror manga! More news will be forthcoming...

In the meantime here's a new screen-cap of ArkAngel DGN - 01 for you all!

News, news and (almost) more news!

ArkAngel delayed?

2007-12-23 07:17:39 by Son-Finale

The headline says it all.
I can inform you all the release of ArkAngel will be pushed back ever so slightly. This is due to waiting for certain post production elements to be completed.

I apologise in advanced to anyone who was looking forward to the christmas eve release of this project.

If pushed I could release it in some form but I refuse to submit this project to Newgrounds in no other form except complete, for myself and for everyone who takes the time to watch and enjoy my submissions.

Look for episode 1 to be released sometime in early January.
Thank you for reading,
In the meantime here's some Gunbuster cosplay!

ArkAngel delayed?

Bokura wa Hitosu!

2007-12-19 09:18:29 by Son-Finale

How is everyone?

It's been a few weeks since my last update

I've been working very hard on the ArkAngel series and its coming together nicely. Soon it will be ready for release im definatly hoping to make the christmas even deadline advertised in the trailer.

In the unlikly event of a setback it wont take that long for me to release it I would anticipate roughly a week long delay at the latest but that isnt going to happen and as far as I can tell we are still on course.
I've also included a preview for you all! :)

Thanks for reading,
Take care all!

Bokura wa Hitosu!

I'll get over you, I know I will...

2007-12-01 18:22:09 by Son-Finale

It's been a while everyone!
Did you all enjoy the two ArkAngel DGN teasers? A big thank you to everyone who viewed them and commented and if you haven't seen them yet please have a look. :D

On with the update!
The third and final teaser will be up sometime next week. It will also carry an official release date for first episode.

I might begin working on another project to run alongside ArkAngel as well but I'm undecided on what that could be right now. It will either be a fanwork or another original series in digital graphic novel format. However right now ArkAngel is my main priority.

Alright I don't think i have anything else to report for now so here's to the next few weeks!

Any question? Don't forget I'm always reachable by PM.

Updates galore!

2007-11-08 19:57:09 by Son-Finale

Hey all!

Notice I did a bit of cleaning up the old user page. What do you all think?

Ok now for what you want to read...Another progress report!

The first episode of ArkAngel DGN (Digital Graphic Novel) will be out in December.
Up until then I can promise a series of teaser trailers will be released.
The first one I'm hoping will be out before the week is over! Just waiting for a voice actor to deliver his lines. :)

The second one (Which is already finished) will be released at the end of this month/early next and the final one will be released around a week before the actual series re-launches and will carry an official release date.
Brilliant marketing tactics eh? :P

Hopefully everything will all go according to plan...
Fingers crossed and just to keep everyone happy, here's a screengrab.

Comments? Questions?
Don't forget I'm always reachable by PM!

Updates galore!

ArkAngel: DGN

2007-11-01 17:33:36 by Son-Finale

More news!
ArkAngel's rebirth will be in Digital manga format!
I'm pleased to say that I am very excited about this medium. I will try and develop a trailer for the project very soon...
In the meantime Here is a character sketch of the protagonist, Tony!

Any questions? PM me or leave a comment,
Paul (Son_Finale)

ArkAngel: DGN

More ArkAngel updates!

2007-10-22 14:38:12 by Son-Finale

I spoke about a rebuild of ArkAngel last week.
I can now confirm that it will be in a digital comic format. The series will feature a revised storyline, new character designs and new mecha concepts.
A trailer can be expected very soon.

ArkAngel news!

2007-10-17 15:11:36 by Son-Finale

Everyone who knows my ArkAngel works.
Listen up!

I'm going to be overhauling it again.
I can't announce anything more than the fact that its alive and well and I'm very excited by its new direction...

Dont forget I'm always reachable by PM!
Paul (Son_Finale)