News, news and (almost) more news!

2008-01-03 10:22:55 by Son-Finale

Hey all!
How's your New year going?

More news on ArkAngel. The first episode will probably be out during the middle of this month. Just waiting on some minor post production issues to resolve themselves...Sorry about this delay. I suppose I just set a too difficult deadline to reach given some circumstances that have effected my real life.

I'm personally very pleased with the way this re-imagining of the ArkAngel series is turning out.

Series wise we have been writing more and more episodes as time has gone on.

I think we are close to 25 episodes now in script format! A milestone, I would estimate the project will last around 30 episodes though with each episode clocking in at an average of 15 to 20minutes each, maybe longer for some.

Once again sorry for this unforeseen and extended delay to ArkAngel's release.
I assure you It is coming...


Other news

Regarding the other project I spoke of in an earlier post, I can now announce a little more information. As stated earlier the project will be in DGN format and it will be a psychological Horror manga! More news will be forthcoming...

In the meantime here's a new screen-cap of ArkAngel DGN - 01 for you all!

News, news and (almost) more news!


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