ArkAngel delayed?

2007-12-23 07:17:39 by Son-Finale

The headline says it all.
I can inform you all the release of ArkAngel will be pushed back ever so slightly. This is due to waiting for certain post production elements to be completed.

I apologise in advanced to anyone who was looking forward to the christmas eve release of this project.

If pushed I could release it in some form but I refuse to submit this project to Newgrounds in no other form except complete, for myself and for everyone who takes the time to watch and enjoy my submissions.

Look for episode 1 to be released sometime in early January.
Thank you for reading,
In the meantime here's some Gunbuster cosplay!

ArkAngel delayed?


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2007-12-23 08:58:26

What is this? I don't really care because I get first comment. So anyway you should vote because you are only 10xp off lvl 8 that is only five votes.