I'll get over you, I know I will...

2007-12-01 18:22:09 by Son-Finale

It's been a while everyone!
Did you all enjoy the two ArkAngel DGN teasers? A big thank you to everyone who viewed them and commented and if you haven't seen them yet please have a look. :D

On with the update!
The third and final teaser will be up sometime next week. It will also carry an official release date for first episode.

I might begin working on another project to run alongside ArkAngel as well but I'm undecided on what that could be right now. It will either be a fanwork or another original series in digital graphic novel format. However right now ArkAngel is my main priority.

Alright I don't think i have anything else to report for now so here's to the next few weeks!

Any question? Don't forget I'm always reachable by PM.


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