Updates galore!

2007-11-08 19:57:09 by Son-Finale

Hey all!

Notice I did a bit of cleaning up the old user page. What do you all think?

Ok now for what you want to read...Another progress report!

The first episode of ArkAngel DGN (Digital Graphic Novel) will be out in December.
Up until then I can promise a series of teaser trailers will be released.
The first one I'm hoping will be out before the week is over! Just waiting for a voice actor to deliver his lines. :)

The second one (Which is already finished) will be released at the end of this month/early next and the final one will be released around a week before the actual series re-launches and will carry an official release date.
Brilliant marketing tactics eh? :P

Hopefully everything will all go according to plan...
Fingers crossed and just to keep everyone happy, here's a screengrab.

Comments? Questions?
Don't forget I'm always reachable by PM!

Updates galore!


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Son-Finale responds:

See the above reply! :)