An update featuring some major news!

2008-04-27 06:18:08 by Son-Finale

Hello everyone!

It's been such a long time since I updated and I know you must be wondering where the in the doonhack ArkAngel is.

Well At this time the ArkAngel Digital Graphic Novel has been cancelled in favour of running ArkAngel as a proper manga.
Hopefully you'll look out for the Graphic Novels in the not too distant future! :)

I was thinking of putting the manga on here in chapters. I wonder though as it would probably be poorly received. I think that I just shouldn't bother.

The last update Flash wise was a Dragonball SJ music video that I did enjoy putting together so thanks to everyone who watched it and voted/commented. I appreciate it! :D

I spoke about a horror I was working on some time ago its title is Romeo's Rose and the basic plot of that has been completed but once again its been shelved as something to go back to at a later date.

I don't actually see anything being released from me any time soon. Although I was thinking of re-mastering SJ as a side project, tweaking things, adding voices and cleaning up the general presentation of it.

I am also thinking of making short stories based on ArkAngel in animated format to expand the universe. Maybe somewhere down the road you'll see a project like that emerge on Newgrounds. I would also like to do collaborations and encourage people to make fan works and who knows maybe the best of the bunch will be considered canon in the main timeline. :)

Well I'm finished with my random musings for today. I know there's not much happening right now but I'm on the brink of some exciting times!
Lets wait and see!

Later and take care!


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